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Road to E3

Road to E3!

Hi people! Are you going to E3 this year? We’ll be there too! We won’t have a booth or anything fancy like that, but we’ll be around, meeting people, eating fast food and getting in all kinds of crazy adventures in the beautiful city of LA!

If you’ll be around, we’d love to meet you! Let’s chat a little or hang out in a cool place! Going to E3 is kind of a dream come true for us, so it would be even better if we can meet some of you! We can talk about games, memes and the meaning of life (spoiler: it’s games and memes), and maybe go for some drinks.

So, send us an email (Or just fill this Google Form) and let us know if you’ll be there! We may even have little gifts for all our fans and fellow game devs who have been so awesome to us and helped us with our projects.

Just a few days left! Ayayayay!