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A Beautiful Bad Game

Hello! I’m Sergio and I’ll talk briefly about a very important subject that, while obvious, I think it should not be overlooked. As you may know, in any project you

Making a Procedural 2D World in Unity Part II: Structural Generation

Hi, it’s a me! Again! This is the second part of a little piece I wrote a few weeks ago in which I talk about the procedural elements and the

How to get a job in the video game industry?

It’s a dream job. Maybe you’re a programmer, an artist, sound engineer, advertiser, writer, designer, etc. no matter the position, working in video games is a dream come true to

Finally! A project managing tool for Game Development!

Hi guys, today I’d like to share a great project managing tool for Game Developers! As you know, making a game is not as easy as one may initially think, it

Making a Procedural 2D World in Unity Part I

Hi, I’m Will, one of the lead programmers of Twin Flames. I’ve previously worked on other big Fat Panda projects such as Flat Kingdom or Lobo With Shotguns. Today I’m

Weekly Update 2: UI, New Enemies and God Mode!

Hi guys, let’s have our second Weekly Update! What’s going on with the development of Twin Flames? Basically we have one major milestone: Get the demo on Steam! We want

Does the story even matter?

Some people (including me) consider video games a form of art. It’s the next step in storytelling because the audience ceases to be a passive spectator and becomes and active

Advergaming: more than a game

A few years back, I used to rent games in a little place near my house (remember when we used to go out to rent things? wow, I’m feeling old).

Weekly Update (First One) January 10th

So, let’s get started, in this week update, I’m going to introduce you guys to the team and what we are developing right now, and what we expect to have

The future of Twin Flames

At the end of 2016, Fat Panda Games launched a Kickstarter about a rogue like game called: Twin Flames. Let’s address the big elephant in the room: what happened with